With over 45 years experience in HVAC&R systems engineering Trinidad Engineering has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate and correct problems within existing systems, which could be currently costing you thousands of dollars a year in operating costs. Our approach is to develop, design and implement cost effective solutions in order to remedy existing problems or upgrade outdated equipment.
Step 1
First we perform a thorough walk through where we meet with you and your staff in order to better understand the nature of your problem, the requirements that the solution must meet as well as the best approach to resolving the problem.
Step 2
Next we perform comprehensive audits in which we gather detailed information using specialized instrumentation and techniques, many of which we have custom built and designed ourselves.
Step 3
Finally we deliver a detailed report and executive summary complete with simplified text, graphs and charts to guide you through each stage of the correction and implementation process. We have, in many cases, remained on throughout the implementation process to provide construction documents and administration.