Trinidad Engineering is a full service HVAC&R engineering firm, we offer expert level services from Concept through Construction. We offer the in house capabilities to provide everything from Analysis, and Evaluation, to Engineering Design (Specification writing, and AutoCAD Drawing) to Project Management and Construction Administration. We work in collaboration with contractors, architects, engineers, managers and real estate firms both in the Massachusetts area to implement cost effective, resources saving, HVAC&R solutions. We have worked both in the private and public sector for industries as varied as health care, government, education, manufacturing, and high-tech.

Each HVAC&R project is unique. To meet customer's needs we team with other engineering firms to provide additional architectual, structural and electrical engineering design. These firms will work as our subcontractors. Their fees are a direct pass through without additional markup by Trinidad Engineering. This saves you money and allows us to offer more engineering services to meet your needs.